Hajj 2018

Hajj Packages 2018 by Islamic Travel

Islamic Travel is British base agency and their services are for the citizens of the United Kingdom. If you are traveling for the first time for the Holy worship of Hajj or have already performed Hajj, our Best Hajj Packages UK planned to offer you the highest luxury and expediency likely to make your journey additional superior. While your essence on the aims of your voyage making it a lifetime memory that you will at all times recall, let us look after all the preparations for your Hajj. It is our aim to gratify all your desires and requirements to make your Cheapest Hajj Package Tour furthermost outstanding in the finest conceivable way, doing all the preparation work for you.

Our extremely qualified and expert staff are totally dedicated to offering a dependable and well-organized facility and the fruitful achievement of every journey we aid to your plan; therefore, our operators are here to help you for each and everything such as transport mode, hotel booking, ticket, and visa, etc. Before you leave for Hajj, you should to know that Family Hajj Tour Packages and how to perform Hajj otherwise you will just waste your time if you have no idea about it. Our modified facility means that you can get the most out of our Cheapest Hajj Packages All Inclusive and that we can offer the top type of package for you. Our purpose is that to supply you with the top conceivable deal and the finest facility we can offer.

Adding to that Islamic Travel, Pre-Hajj session is organized in your way and supervision so that you do your Hajj accurately as-Sunnah. As you know that Hajj is the holiest worship for all the Muslims. They come from all over the world to perform the Hajj at the holiest cities Makkah and Madinah. There are three types of Hajj,
•    Hajj al Tamattu 
•    Hajj al Qiran
•    Hajj al Ifrad 

But Hajj al Tamattu is the most recommended one and we are here to talk about it. In this Hajj, Muslims is to perform Umrah in the Hajj months and to perform the Hajj in the alike year. The steps of “How to Perform Hajj” voyage is discussed below, 

Wearing the Ihram 

You have two sheets unstitched for men, 1st is to cover the inferior part by covering it with the waist and another sheet is used to throw on the shoulder. You should wear a belt to hold the lowermost sheet.

Tawaf e Kaaba

When a Pilgrim arrives in the holy city of Makkah, they should make Tawaf around Kaaba at Masjid E Haram.


It is performed between Safa and Marwah. They say the Takbeer “Allah-u-Akbar” 3 times, raises their hands and their faces are in the direction of Kaaba. 

Trimming the Hair

After Sa’yee, the pilgrim finishes their Umrah by shaving his hair and women should remove a fingertip’s length from their hair. 

Departure to Arafat

Pilgrim offers the Dhuhr and Asr prayers at Arafat on the 9th day of Zill Hajj and stays here until sunset. Then they offer the nafal for asking the forgiveness from Allah. 

Back to Mina

When the pilgrims reach in Mina, they go to Jamrat where they stone it by 7 gravels worshipping the Allah Allah-u-Akbar at apiece throw. 

Slaughter of Sacrifice

The pilgrim goes to slaughter his sacrifice after stoning and they should slaughter a sheep, cow, camel, and goat.

Tawaf al Ifadhah

This is a fundamental ritual of Hajj. They make Tawaf by visiting Masjid E Haram. After this, the state of Ihram is entirely over. 

Farewell Tawaf

It’s a final ritual of Hajj and it is another Tawaf around the Kaaba “House of Allah” with 29 days Hajj Packages Manchester. 

We are don’t compromise on your safety, therefore each and everything will be arranged by a professional and experienced agent. Muslims of the UK are our first priority and all arrangements are according to climate and environment. We have arranged the wheelchairs, special food, and room on ground floor for disabled persons. The hotel management is very cooperative and their food is also delicious and hygiene with cheap prices. It is best for Family Hajj Packages Leeds. Everything is planned in 5-star package cost and there is no extra expense or charges. Their environment is clean for kids and senior citizens. You should choose flight + hotel package to save your money and do your booking in advance. Tickets are provided to the travelers from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford, Edinburgh etc. The next main thing is hotels for your comfortable stay. We are providing 4 Star Hajj Package with Visa and 5-Star Hajj Package Leicester for our reliable customers with a reasonable cost. There are some 5-stars hotels names are,

As per your demand, preferred lodgings in Makkah and Madinah through the time of Hajj is certain. If you are preferred Non-Shifting Hajj packages for 2018 will get our quality services for Hajj. In this package, 5-star hotel rooms and hotels are near to Haram just walking distance. Its time range is 14 days to 18 days. In the Shifting Hajj Packages England, usually this an expensive trip because of your stay in the 5-star hotels. First, you go to Makkah and keep staying in top class lodgings for 6 days or so. Then travels you towards Madinah and similarly, your stay in top range hotels. On 5th Zill Hajj, you bring back from Madinah and around before 3 nights, you moved to Mina Camps. You are occupied to any of the suburbs of Makkah from Madinah which is around 3 miles away at least. 

All the UK Muslims are greeted from Manchester and Birmingham to gain our Cheap Flight Hajj Package, leaving from Heathrow to Madinah or Jeddah. Transportation mode is available in the packages and comes on your demand during Hajj. The 5-star hotel’s management serves you a gourmet meal such as Arabic, Italian, and Mediterranean with Luxury Hajj Packages Bristol.

People at making your whole knowledge of carrying out Hajj exceptionally immersive in nature as per demand. Our upcoming 2018 packages are cheap and better. The Islamic Travel, take ideas from our valued customers and inform our Affordable Hajj Packages Birmingham to improved suit their wants each year, to make them more inexpensive and also to give more strength. Our continuous improvements protection each Low-Cost Hajj Packages London better suit your desires, is more sensible and also gives you better self-determination. We really do value your feedback it's one of the main reasons behindhand the increasing fame of our Cheap Flight Hajj package. So, we are very gratified to proclaim our premium ever ranges of Inexpensive Hajj packages Glasgow.  Book our best Hajj deals now and we will make it our urgency to help as per our hard work in assembly certain that all of our treasured customers refer our Hajj Packages and services to others after once trying them.