Umrah Visa

Umrah, which is basically a holy pilgrimage to the Holy Kaabah in Makkah, which is believed to be the House of Allah by the Muslims, is a beautiful supererogatory prayer can be performed throughout the year except some days specified for Hajj. Hajj is the obligatory prayer that is compulsory on the Muslims who are financially strong and stable to bear the expense of travel and stay in the foreign land. Umrah as compared to Hajj involves less effort and expense. So those believers in Islam, who do not have the capability to perform Hajj are looking for Umrah visa only or cheap Umrah packages. Believers in Islam who intend to perform Umrah from the UK can easily find Umrah packages but those who are specifically in search of Umrah visa UK consider it a bit hectic. This is because they are not aware of the procedure to easily obtain their Umrah visa. 

Requirements for Umrah Visa UK:

  • The first and foremost step in the procedure of obtaining Umrah is to get the application form for the Umrah visa only from the nearest office of the Saudi consulate. The form needs to be duly read and signed by the applicant. In case of the applicant having a non-Muslim name, the applicant is supposed to submit a certificate from the nearby mosque that declares them Muslim.
  • Another important requirement for females who are intending for Umrah visa UK and have age less than 45 years are supposed to have a Mehram accompany them in the journey. A Mehram is a male having a blood relation with the female. In case of the relation with the parent, birth certificate having the name of both parents and in case of the husband, marriage certificate or Nikkah Nama is required.
  • The passports for Umrah visa only are required to be valid for at least six months from the date of the application being submitted.
  • Four clear, visible and recent photographs having passport size are also required to be submitted for Umrah visa UK. The pictures are not supposed to be inclined, should have a white background presenting the clear face of the applicant from the front.  

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