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Hajj Umrah Visa Amazing Service by Islamic Travel UK

Islamic Travel UK is feeling proud to announce that the respected pilgrims are offers the most economical packages so that they can fulfil their religious obligations in an affordable manner. The deals given to the travelers are composed of splendid facilities which are needed by the travelers in order to have a convenient travel journey. The services given to the clients are totally reliable as they have been authorized by the ministry of Hajj which makes it safe and secured for the respected pilgrims who are about to avail these services. 

The Brand-New Policy by Embassy Regarding Visa Fees for Islamic Travel UK

Umrah expenses has been expanded for the current year by the Saudi Arabia Government 
New Fees for Umrah's Visa: 
1. The expenses of Visa will be taken from the travelers who are availing Visa of Umrah and going for the first time ever in Islamic Year 1438. 
2. An additional charge of SR2000 will be taken from every individual regarding Visa making process when he is going by for the second time in Islamic Year 1438. 
Moreover, if the Ministry of Saudi Arabia is wishing to do any new changes, then we will apply those new changes. 

Necessities for Umrah Visa 2017 from Islamic Travel UK

Things required for Umrah Visa and guidelines which need to be fulfilled after to get the Umrah Visa are: 
1. The Umrah application form should be signed with dark ink, by the travelers who are applying for the Umrah's Visa 2017. 
2. If a man has a non-Muslim name than he has to take a declaration from a masjid or an Islamic organization which guarantee that the individual is Muslim. 
3. Picture having international ID estimate, white background and individual confronting the camera will be connected with the application shape. 
4. Applicants must have a British travel permit which should made in less than 6 months otherwise the Embassy won't give the Umrah Visa. 
5. When application is affirmed, an airplane ticket is given to the candidates which is non-refundable and the takeoffs from Saudi Arabia need to be done within two weeks from recommended date. 
6. It is mandatory for ladies less than 45 years old and kids less than 20 years old should have partner, father or any other male relative with them. That male has to be a Mahram. A contract which determines the verification of a connection with that male is submitted also. For instance, a marriage declaration for spouse, birth endorsement for father and so forth. 
7. That male relative (Mahram) must go on same flight with the ladies or kids he is going with. You can ask any further questions from your travel agent too. 
8. In situations where a lady wish to travel alone, she should be 45 years of age in any case and she requires an approved authorization letter from a Mahram who must specify in the letter that he has no issue with the ladies travelling alone and is allowing the consent to her for travelling. For the Umrah Visa of Saudi Arabia, Mahram should be a Father, Brother, Husband, Grandfather, Uncle and Son or in other case he should not be less than 18 years of age. 
9. If a ladies' last name is different from the name of Mahram, she needs to present a proof of her connection with that individual, for example, marriage declaration certificate, birth endorsement and so on. 
10. If the individual applying for Visa is not a citizen of that country in which he is living, then a substantial declaration of residency permit must be submitted with the application form. 
11. An evidence showing the vaccination for Meningococcal Meningitis should be attached with the application form. These forms of vaccination need not to be made 10 ten days before having the visa.
12. The travelers having Visa of Hajj and Umrah can just land in Saudi Arabia through Jeddah or Madinah Airport and can just leave from these air terminals. 
13. The expert travel agents of Islamic Travel UK can guide you throughout your journey and you can call them any time in a day. 
14. Children who are less than 18 years old are not given the Visa of Umrah if any senior individual is not going with them. 
15. The Umrah Visa is entirely for performing Umrah. In case that the traveler participates in some other movement, then he is damaging the doctrines of experts in Saudi Arabia and a strict move will be made against them. 
16. If the candidate is having a business or visit Visa, then he is not relevant for the Umrah Visa. 

Take note of: The Visa for Umrah is legitimate for 30 days however it doesn't imply that the traveler can remain in Saudi Arabia for 30 days since he must remember that his takeoff from Saudi Arabia should to be done within two weeks. The pioneer travelers need to know about the way that Umrah Visas are given from the beginning of the month Safar till the middle of Ramadan. After that day and age, the period of Hajj begins and afterward the Umrah visa is NEVER given to any candidate. The legitimacy of your Visa begins from the date you issued it. Your stay in Saudi Arabia must not surpass to over 15 days regardless of the possibility that the visa is for 30 days. 

Islamic Travel UK has always splendid deals for explorers of Umrah and Hajj. These astonishing deals are additionally given to our customers in 2017 so they can perform these Holy obligations without facing any trouble and can get benefit from every one of the amazing packages. Our specially designed deals are continuously efficient and under the financial plan of the travelers. Islamic Travel UK has faith in giving the best ever facilities to their customers with the purpose that they don't face issues in getting Umrah Visa 2017. 
All the travelers are informed to NEVER take any stuff regarding political material with you including write-ups, pictures or composed material for any kind of political purpose. In case that a man is seen doing any such action, a strict action will be taken by the experts of Saudi Arabia. 
Young people less than one year old should have a photo of them, joined on the visas of their parents or relatives with whom they are travelling. Also, their photo must be attached to the application form. 

Ever thought about the time when Umrah Visa Opens for 2017? 

The applications for the Visa of Umrah are accepted till fifteenth of Ramadan. Then again, the applications for the Visa of hajj are taken from fifteenth of Shawal till the last date of 25th of Dhu'l-Qada as indicated by the Islamic timetable. 

Islamic Travel UK holds a prominent position as the most trusted travel company which offers Visa for Umrah and Hajj along with exclusive facilities for the convenient journey of the travelers who are traveling from different places. To enquire about anything related to your journey, please dial our number 0203 515 7000. The Umrah and Hajj deals are ensured by ATOL, making your trip protected and secured.

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