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Our Required Information:

Being member of IATA we have required personal information from our valued customers to assure that he is a definite passenger, this information includes name, email address and phone number. We asked our customers to select login name and password for access our traveling services. Email is primary requirement of for secure transaction of online booking, we send confirmation email regarding online booking, and after confirmation our customer is corroborate as definite passenger.  
We have required credit card number and expiration date of our customers to order and book a flight, hotel or car rental, for urgent contact with our customers we used their mobile numbers regarding their travelling trips, we used credit card information in our highly protected firewalls and detection systems to prevent any unauthorized access. 
We always take good care of our reliable customers, and enable them to get quick and swift travelling services via their mobile number any time, we also keep in touch with our customers concerning their travelling trips with best offers, customers ease and flexibility is our main objective travelling services, we also use cookies to monitor which parts of the Site are more interesting to our customers and brings hottest offers for them. 
The partner sites has same layout of displaying offers and content as, so we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites. 

Our Regular Service Updates 

We always focus on latest means of communication and services for our clients, we send regular updates regarding our services to valued customers, the members and our honorable clients would not be able to unsubscribe our updates which contain important information about the service. We also provide free customer support assistance via email and phone if he would face any issue regarding traveling dates and time. 

We Offer Business Promotions

We bring special services for our business class customers to promote our business, once they got our traveling services and added in our member list then they would receive future promotions and travel offers, the customers can deactivate such mailing services at any time, but it is highly recommended that they must have keep on eye over latest competitive offers for their traveling. 

We Offer Career Opportunities

Our customers can turn into applicants as well to be part of our professional family, we are equal opportunity employers and applicants can send us their job applications at, with personal information such as name and address to contact, information which we have gathered from applicants would never be shared to anyone else. 

Our Un-subscription Policy

We are providing open hand to our valued customers that they can unsubscribe from travel offers by email at any time by following the instructions at the bottom of the newsletter, or by sending a blank e-mail to email

Our Tracking and Monitoring Services

We always keep on eye over every transaction, with personal details and complete information of our valued customers; we share their information with financial treatment and partner bodies like airlines and hotels management engaging with your travel. We always monitor every detail of our treasured customers regarding processing of payment details when customers submit their information then they would agree to transfer their personal data, we put forward all necessary protection measures to secure our customers data.  Customers privacy and their personal info is secured with us, we never sell this information to other organizations which is against our customer care policy, all the information provided us is completely secured and protected by confidentiality agreement and is to be used exclusively for completing the specific chore.

We Send Cookies For Secure Transaction

When customers visit our web portal we send cookies automatically in their system to make them more secure regarding their transaction details, we fetch out all necessary information from your system whether it is protected or not, sometime intruders have placed their tracking cookies to collect your personal information that may cause serious harm against your desired concerns.  Once our official site send cookies to customers PC for future use, these cookies are not harmful and not considered as spyware or adware by intrusion detection software, their purpose is to make customers more secure and offer exact information regarding their travelling preferences. 
The customers can delete or manage these cookies any time from their web browser to avoid tracking or monitoring their travelling interest, but we strongly recommend that for hunting of best offers these cookies are best sources to bring special offer for your traveling concerns.  Our official web portal is also acting as third party Advertisement Company as well to promote various business, the customers may face third party unique cookies from these advertisers in their web browser. 

We Offer Partner Sites Links

The visitors of our sites can explore links of partner sites to see competitive services, we strongly suggest our visitors that they must read privacy policies of our partner sites to make the difference. We always considered as  best traveling services providers by our customers , although our partner sites has same look and layout as compared to us but our hottest offers and privacy policy is quite different from them, we always considered customers ease as our first rated priority. 

Our Security Measures

We always secure our valued customers from any kind of loss during their travelling trip, we provide full security measures regarding misuse and alteration of the information under our control, our Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology  provide guarantee to privacy of the information provided to us both in the flights booking engine and in the order forms. The details and personal information is transmitted via encrypted form and stored in well protected operating systems. 

We Send Notifications for Privacy Change

We are always keep in touch with our valued customers regarding amendments in our privacy statements, whenever we made changes in our privacy policies we send notification to our esteemed customers via email, mostly these amendments would be made to use personal information of our customers for necessary travelling policies, our customers always receives primary updates regarding their traveling trips in form of hottest offers. 

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